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How to access your Inbox when you are Offline

While many airlines now have Wi-Fi Internet access on board that keep you connected even at 35,000 feet, even without Internet access I have always found air crafts to be extremely productive places for getting some serious Inbox clearing done.

More often than not, I end up answering more emails while I am on a flight where nobody can reach me than when I am on the ground with distractions and interruptions coming in the way of productive work every few minutes.

  • If you are an Outlook users, then you can easily download all the emails that you want to work in to work on to your local system before boarding your flight, However, if you use a web email like Gmail, then to be able to work on your emails when you don’t have any Internet access requires a little bit of preparation.Gmail Offline is a free browser app that is currently available for only Google Chrome browsers, which allows you to read, reply, search and archive emails when you do not have Internet access.

Gmail Offline

  • Once you have installed Gmail Offline in your browsers, you can go into Setting and choose the time period for which you want the app to automatically download emails to your computer.You can download emails form the last one week or even from the last entire month! Whenever you have Internet access, the Gmail Offline app will work in the background and download all emails from the chosen time period to you computers.

Download Mail form Past

  • To access the Gmail Offline app, open a new tab in your Google Browser and click on Apps (or type chrome: //apps/ in the address bar) and click on the Gmail Offline app.

gmail offline app

  • You will now be able to access all your emails in the offline mode without Internet access and work on them within the Gmail interface that you are so familiar with.Whenever you go online again, all the actions you performed in the Gmail Offline app will automatically get synced with your email account.Never again be unproductive again even when you do not have Internet access.

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