Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Best Free Password Manager – PasswordBox

What We liked :

PasswordBox is another startup that got snapped up by a bigger business but, unlike LastPass, it had paid-for elements before it was purchased and the new owner inter made it completely free.

The Service is two-pronged. The main operation runs from your web browser, using an add-on you can install in Chrome, Firefox, ID, Opera and Safari (if you’re on a Mac).


All your passwords are securely stored online and it syncs perfectly with its apps, which are available for Android and iOS. Most of the other services I tested work with a single device for free but charge for syncing, which gave PasswordBox an instant advantage.

Using the service is easy. When you first download the browser add-on and set up your account, you’re walked through the process step by step and shown how to set up your first password with one of six popular sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox.

When you sign up to a site, a PasswordBox icon appears in the text boxes to show that the software is going to store its details. To log back into a website, you simply click the toolbar button and select the thumbnail icon of the site you want to open. The add-on will auto-fill the form with your username and password, so all you need to do is click the sign-in button.


There are a number of other interesting extra features, including a secure notepad that lets you store encrypted notes, and the option to share your passwords with a family member, so they can access your accounts in the event of you death.

How it can be improved :

If you only need to have your passwords available on a single PC using just one browser, you might be better off using other tools because it saves your password data offline. Storing data online is reasonably safe but it’s not as secure as keeping it on your own PC.

My Verdict

PasswordBox does for free what other services charge for, namely the ability to sync your passwords accross all your devices. Primarlly running as a browser add-on, but with mobile apps available, too, this is a great choice if you want to access to your passwords on more than one device.

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