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How to Get a Reminder if an Email is not Answered

Have you ever received an email from an important client and not replied to it thinking that one of your colleagues (who are also marked on the email) will respond to it, only to later realize that nobody on your team replied and you ended up losing the business of that client to a competitor? Or have you ever sent an email to somebody, never received a response from them and then forgotten to follow up with them? There are almost an endless number of hidden cracks in online communication where emails are often lost, buried and are sometimes even forgotten forever. Don’t worry, with the mxHero app installed in your browser, you will never have an unanswered email (sent or received) in your mailbox again. The mxHero app works with Gmail, Google Apps and Outlook email accounts.

  1. If you are sending an important email to somebody and want to receive an automatic reminder if your email remains unanswered even after a particular amount of time has passed, then simply click on the mxHero button in the compose email window before you send the email. In the mxHero app window that will pop up, select the Reply Timeout options and specify a timeout period after which you want the mxHero app to automatically remind you that your email is still unanswered and you need to do something about it.
  2. Similarly if you receive an email from somebody and want to receive a reminder if nobody replies to it within a predefined specific amount of time, then you can click on the mxHero button in the top menu bar above the email and set top a reminder by specifying a time limit.
  3. If the time limit is reached and the email still reaming unanswered, then the mxHero app will automatically send an email reminder to you.

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