Mon. May 25th, 2020

How to free up space in your inbox

While Google is quite generous in giving each user ma lot of free storage space—–approximately 15 GB shared across Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos—-however if you are a power user then chances are that you will run out of free space in your Gmail account quite quickly. Obviously one quick fix solution to your Inbox space problems is to simply delete emails with large file attachments from your Inbox.

If you are a Gmail user then the good news is that you can easily search your Inbox for emails containing file attachments greater than a particular size so that you can delete them or back them up somewhere else to create free space in your Inbox. To open the search feature in your Gmail account, click on the Show Search Options down arrow button next to the search box at the top of your mailbox and in the size section specify the size of file attachments you want to search your email account for. For Example, you can search for emails containing file attachments greater than 10 MB in size.

show search option


To create space in your mailbox, you can choose to delete the emails that are not very important    or you have backed up somewhere else.

If you are an Outlook user, then you can easily search for emails greater than a certain size by clicking on the More button in the search menu bar and then choosing the Message Size option. You can specify any size of your choice and outlook will search your mailbox for any emails larger than that.

message size

It is also possible for you to create space in your mailbox by making use of the Find Big Mail ( app to quickly search your Inbox for emails containing large file attachments. To do a quick scan of your email account, open your browser to the Find Big Mail website, enter your Gmail or Google Apps email address and click on the Find Big Mail button. For the app to work successfully, you will need to give it permission to access your Gmail accounts.


find big mail


Depending upon the size of your mailbox, the Find Big Mail app can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour to scan your account for emails containing large file attachments. Once the scan gets completed, the Find Big Mail app will send you an email containing statistics about large emails in your mailbox and the amount of space each of them occupies. More importantly, the email will also contain direct links to the large emails in your Inbox. You can click on these links to directly access the large emails in your Inbox, back them up and then delete them to create some free space in your Mailbox.


If you are still running out of space in your Gmail account, then you can always consider purchasing additional storage space. There are numerous storage packages that you can choose from by visiting  and logging into your Gmail account.



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