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How To Manage Your Emails Without Opening Your Mailbox

If you are the type of person who is obsessed with replying to emails the moment they arrive in your mailbox, then the Checker plus app promises to make your life simpler. It allows you to read and reply to your emails from within your browser without the need to ever open your Gmail account in any of the tabs.

  • Checker Plus for Gmail ( is a free browser extension that is currently available for only the Google Chrome users. Once it has been installed in your browser it will not only display email notifications for all mew email that you receive, but it will also allow you to read your emails and reply to them all from within your browser itself (from any tab) without ever needing to open Gmail.

Checker Plus for Gmail

  • The next time you receive a new email in your mailbox, the Checker Plus for Gmail app will display a Gmail chat type of notification in the right bottom corner of your browser screen. The email notification will not only contain a short excerpt of the email, but it will also contain two buttons that can be used to manage your email. For example, you can use these buttons to either mark the email as read, reply to the email or even delete it, all from within the email notification itself without ever having to open your Gmail account.

Checker Plus for Gmail Notification

  • The Best part about the Checker plus app is the fact that it allows you to completely customise what kind of buttons get displayed in your email notifications. To customize the buttons based on your preferences, Click on the Checker Plus app button in the right top corner of your browser and select options. Form the Notification Button drop down list you can choose any two different buttons that you wish to add to your email notifications.

notification button

checker plus for desktop notification

  • By default when you click anywhere in the email notification window, the email gets opened in a new browser tab. However it is possible to customize this too and choose what happens when you click on the email notifications. If you want to be able to reply to new emails without opening Gmail, then it is recommended that you choose the Reply option in the Clicking Anywhere on Notification field.

Checker Plus Gmail Settings

  • If you prefer to receive voice notifications instead of simple text notifications, then the Checker Plus app allows you to do that as well. You can not only choose what portion of the email gets read, but also the type of voice that will read it.


  • If you are an user, then a similar browser app that is a must have is the Notifier app. It is available for Google Chrome users and shows you desktop or browser notifications of any new email that you receive.

Notification Button drop down

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