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How To Save Money By Printing Cleaner Emails

Usually whenever you print emails from web based email providers; you end up wasting a lot of paper and money because along with the actual content of the email that you want to print a bunch of other unnecessary things like the email provider’s logo, email headers and other details also gets printed. This not only makes your prints look less professional, but it is also not very eco-friendly since you end up wasting a lot of paper. Wouldn’t it be great if there was way for you to customize what you are printing so that you are print cleaner emails?

  1. Gmelius Premium ( is a browser app that is available only for Google Chrome users and it allows you to remove the unnecessary portions of the email that you don’t actually need so that you can print only what is really important to you.
  2. Once the Gmelius Premium app has been installed in your browser and then based on your printing needs you can choose from three different print templates. While each of the print templates are slightly different, all of them help you save paper and money give your cleaner prints.
Template Description
SMART Print Removes the Google Logo and gives you cleaner prints.
BUSINESS Print Prints only the Subject and Body of the email.
GRAPHIC Print Prints only the Body of the email. Perfect for graphic content.

To choose a particular print template, right click in the Gmelius logo in the right corner of the URL address bar in your browser and select Options. You can choose any print template of your choice and click on the Save Changes button.

  1. The next time you give the print command in your Inbox, Gmelius will automatically step in and customise the email (that you are printing) according to the print template you have chosen and give you a much cleaner print.

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