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How To Un-Send An Email

Have you ever sent an email to somebody only to immediately regret sending it as soon as you clicked on the send button? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you recall any emails that you regret sending or if there was a time buffer within which you could easily un-send any emails that you might have sent?

  • If you are using a Gmail account, then recalling emails is much easier than you would imagine. All you need to do is log into your Gmail account, click on the Settings button and then select Settings from the drop down menu.

Display Density

  • Under the General tab, scroll down and look for the Undo Send option and enable it. You can choose a cancellation period of up to 30 seconds within which you will be able to recall any emails that you regret sending. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click the Save Changes button for the Undo send option to get enabled your Gmail account.

Gmail Undo

  • The nest time you regret sending an email to somebody (maybe an email you sent to your boss in an inebriated state), you will have a buffer time of 30 seconds within which you will be allowed to recall the message.
  • To recall a message simply click on the undo link within the chosen time limit (usually a maximum of 30 seconds) and Gmail will automatically recall the sent message and move it to the Drafts folder in your Mailbox. The way Gmail is able to provide this feature is by holding all emails that you send from your account in a special buffer until the time mentioned in the cancellation period passes.
  • If you are using Outlook, then you can easily recall an email by going to the Sent Items folder, open the message you wish to recall, click on Actions, Click on Recall this Message and then enable the Delete Unread Copies of this Message Option.

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