Top 5 fresh and custom baked cakes that can light up every occasion

Cakes are the heart of every occasion or party. For this reason, we often have to take careful consideration to use a suitable cake that fits perfectly with the theme of the celebration. Many people have to get into the hassle of visiting the best bakeries in the town and wait hours to get the right cake. Even if you spend hours getting a perfect cake for your event, you can’t guarantee its quality and freshness. In such a situation, it is time for you to switch your cake purchase method to order cake online from Madurai Services.

Then let’s see some bestselling four cakes that online cake delivery stores in Madurai provide

Baked pineapple and cherries round cake

If you want something healthy on your menu for exciting celebrations, you must go with a big pineapple and cherries round on the cake. It is made entirely from the goodness of tropical fresh pineapple and cherries, and this ensures that the taste of freshness and natural sweetness will melt into your mouth as soon as you take a single bite from this delight.

The cake is made with a small sponge base, given a slight flavor of mild tea and vanilla. The cake is then dipped with sweet and salty caramel sauce topped with fresh slices of pineapples and Cheri. The taste of this heavenly cake is as mesmerizing as the colorful beauty of yellow and red. Therefore the pineapple and Cherry round cake is the perfect choice for celebrating birthdays, farewell anniversaries, fresher’s parties, and weddings.

Coffee vegan round cake

There doesn’t need to be only unlimited eggless cake varieties in the bakeries of Madurai. You can even find an innovative cake with a mild coffee taste in the form of a coffee Wagon round cake here. This is the ultimate delight of a coffee-flavored dark chocolate sponge-based cake enveloped with white whipped cream. Especially for the people who prefer coffee over rich chocolate, this cake is made just for them.

The cake has an extraordinary taste as it provides both sweet flavors along with a pang of bitterness in its every bite. This cake will surely raise the mood of your event to thrill and excitement from both its appearance and taste. This cake is beautifully decorated with loads of vanilla cream from its edges to the top. A final designer look is given to the cake with a bit of Sprinkle of coffee powder on its surface along with milk chocolate discs.

Chocó Thrill Mud cake

Are you looking for some gooey chocolate cake to send cake online to your loved ones staying far away from you? Then it would help if you went with a chocolate thrill mud cake that conveys your affections beautifully in front of your receiver. The cake is baked with a gooey texture with an intense chocolaty taste to take you out on an adventure to discover the ultimate world of sweetness. It is an actual classic cake and is dominant over any other chocolate cake available in the market.

This cake is baked with three layers of powerful chocolate punch with its sponge base and whipped cream filling. The whole chocolate cake is then covered with creamy chocolate on both sides and the top, making it one of the best delicious treats one can ever have. The final topping to the cake is given by chocolate ganache, white chocolate disc, and red Cherry, along with a handful of crumbles of milk chocolates.

Delightful butterscotch cake

Over the years, the butterscotch cake has been a great hit next to chocolate cake in the city of Madurai. Everyone loves perfectly baked butterscotch cake to set the mood for any occasion. Aside from having a great time in celebrations, these butterscotch cakes are also ordered as a dessert to celebrate time with you. No matter whether you contain a smaller or most significant portion of this beautiful cake, the cake is all set to rob all your senses with its buttery goodness.

The cake is made with a soft and moist texture in its inner portion with a butterscotch flavor. This cake consists of a unique filling of vanilla and butterscotch cream with chunks of butterscotch bite. The cake’s design is made in a basic round shape with butterscotch sauce dripping over the entire cake. The cake’s topping is given by milk and dark chocolate triangular chips along with fresh red cherries. Delicious butterscotch cake is all set to make your mouth water from its first sight.


The cake is a must-have item to celebrate every happy moment of life, and it makes memories that are sweeter and much dearer to our hearts. Therefore you should always choose a cake which puts you in the mood of happiness and thrilling excitement into your every celebration. So take your time and order your favorite cake that makes every single person at your party feel elated.

By Jayesh Radadiya

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