5 Reasons Not To Use Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO techniques are broadly speaking manipulative linking tactics. I am not condemning outright all ‘manipulative linking’, there are shades of grey. I am talking about web spam. Using these techniques is bad for the web but they are bad for you too.


It used to be that ‘every link counts’ but that is no longer true. No link could hurt your website in the past, despite the link contravening Google’s rules. That’s no longer the case. Thousands of websites are being hit with penalties for manipulative linking. If your website is hit by a penalty you can recover by getting the toxic links removed. I can’t think of a worse job than trying to get thousands of toxic links removed from largely indifferent webmasters, not to mention the cost. I get cold sweats even thinking about it.

Not Effective

If it didn’t work at all no one would bother. However, compared to building high-quality, legitimate links, web spam will only get you so far. You might go to the top of Google but you could just as well get there using better techniques for the same effort and similar money.

Temporary Results

Google is constantly devaluing dodgy links. You may get to the top of Google within a few weeks but that will only raise flags at Google and if you don’t get flagged up for a penalty sooner or later those spammy links will be devalued and you will have to put in the work again.


If you are engaging in webpam you are breaking Google’s rules of service. If you get found out you could lose your livelihood. If that’s not stressful I don’t know what is. Cut out the webcam and cut your stress levels. What is worrying is that some business owners are blissfully unaware of the dodgy tactics being used by their SEO firm.

It’s not nice!

When I think of all the time I have wasted blocking spam, getting rid of spam, and dealing with spammers my heart sinks a little. What a waste, can I have a few weeks back please web spammers! Be one of the good guys and don’t do it. If you are hiring an SEO firm to try to get a recommendation or referral, don’t fall for some dodgy SEO firm cold-calling you. Visit us

By Jayesh Radadiya

White Hat SEO specialist achieving Google page #1 ranking, excelling in Online Reputation Management for ethical brand visibility.

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