6 Powerful Tips To Create A Modern Law Firm Website

Law Firm Website

Modern Law Firm Website

6 Powerful Tips To Create A Modern Law Firm Website Are you an attorney who is planning to hire a law firm website development agency? This article is meant just for you. In the intensely competitive field of legal services, a modern website is a powerful marketing tool that can help in a firm’s growth. Legal interfaces are different from other business websites and require a distinctive approach. Planning the design carefully will help in building a website with inherent marketing characteristics. It does not matter whether you are a solo professional or run a firm, as long as you follow the suggestions provided in this article, you will acquire a robust interface that will help you attract more clients.

1. Create A Simple And Uncluttered Layout

Take a look at websites in all types of categories and you will notice most of them have a simple design. Simplicity means having an uncluttered layout that allows visitors to focus only on the message. It helps in leaving a good impression on people and encouraging them to explore the interface. Large background images with minimal text can be used to create a neat and impressive page. White space must be left around all the elements making it easier for users to distinguish between sections. Negative space also helps to draw the attention of people towards the content and other vital elements.

2. Structure The Content According To The Audience

The audience visiting your interface can be divided into three categories. There will be people who already know about you and want to check your credentials before making a final decision. Then there will be visitors who have arrived on a page from a search result, social media post, or any other digital platform. The final category will consist of users who will be looking for some helpful information on a legal issue. The content needs to be designed for all these three types of visitors. For instance, a blog section with articles in your areas of specialization will help you target people looking for information. A prospective client’s decision can be influenced by testimonials and user reviews.

3. Convey Professionalism And Dependability Through The Design

It is important to visually communicate the qualities of professionalism and dependability to visitors. People dislike ill-planned layouts and you cannot expect them to trust such websites. Plan the interface carefully and use sober colors in the design. Do not cut corners by using stock images and low-quality content. Hire professional photographers to take high-resolution pictures of a firm’s lawyers. These images must be placed on the attorney profile pages. Get experienced writers to compose original content for all the pages. Choose typographical elements that suit the serious tone of the content and refrain from selecting unusual fonts. Remember that intelligent design choices will help in projecting a professional image of the firm.

Law Firm Website

4. Include Only One Call To Action On A Page

Calls to action play a vital role in encouraging people to perform the desired task. Intelligent CTAs help improve the conversion rate of an interface. Expert law firm website developers advise that only one call to action must be included on a page. Ask yourself what is the most important action that you want each visitor to take. Beginners and small firm owners will want people to hire them. So they can devise a message like “Fix a free consultation”. The attraction of a free discussion will encourage them to hit the button. Similarly, established agencies would want to retain their clients and want them to get in touch. The simple “Contact us” will be enough to serve their purpose. Make sure that the buttons are large and easily visible along with good quality supporting content.

5. Ensure Mobile-friendliness Of The Website

In 2018, mobile devices accounted for 52.2% of the total website traffic in the world. With more than half of the world’s internet traffic being driven by smart gadgets, an interface must be optimized for such devices. Instruct the law firm web design company hired to make the website to use responsive techniques in the creation. This will help the layout to adapt itself to all kinds of screen dimensions. It will also be more cost-effective than investing in two different designs for mobiles and desktops. Make sure that the elements on a page are customized for touch gestures and people can target buttons and links easily. Another tip is to make the contact number clickable so that mobile users can easily dial it. This will help in targeting a smart device-using audience that is looking for legal assistance.

6. Optimize The Design To Enable Fast Page Loading Speed

All your efforts will prove to be useless if the website does not load quickly in visitors’ browsers. Modern internet users are impatient and hate slow-loading interfaces. In case a page takes more than 3-4 seconds to render, they will discard it for another option. Attorneys must make sure that their interface is easily accessible to all types of users. Graphically intense layouts must be supported by suitable hardware infrastructure and bandwidth. However, a better approach would be to choose a design with simple elements so that the final code remains lightweight. All the images must be optimized and resized before uploading and code minification techniques must be used during development. This will help in serving pages quickly to visitors.


Incorporating these suggestions in the design process will help in the creation of a law firm website that will withstand modern-day challenges. Such a layout will help attorneys in promoting their firm and attracting new clients.