7 Benefits of Choosing Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients

Each day, the average woman in America uses 12 personal care products with a total of 168 chemicals. Men are exposed to an average of 85 chemicals in their personal care products, and teens, who use an average of 17 products a day, are exposed to far more. This is an alarming amount of unknown chemicals penetrating your skin, some entering into your bloodstream. Many people are unsatisfied with these options and are turning to products with natural ingredients. Indeed, skin care products with natural ingredients carry several benefits.

When a product is applied to your skin, any chemicals that can be absorbed will penetrate your dermis and enter your bloodstream. Once in your bloodstream, they can be carried to other areas of your body, including your organs. Other chemicals accumulate in fatty tissue. Skin care products made with natural ingredients, however, don’t include these harmful chemicals.

Of the nearly 13,000 chemicals used in cosmetics, only about 10% are tested for safety. Basically, this means nobody knows how they affect our health. Cosmetics don’t even need approval from the FDA before coming on the market. If a product is deemed adulterated, harmful, or misbranded, only then can the FDA step in.

The companies who create the product are responsible for ensuring their safety, not the FDA, which presents an obvious conflict of interest. With no specific tests to determine the safety of the chemicals going into cosmetics, it’s difficult for a consumer to make an informed decision.

Products that use natural ingredients use vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for your complexion. Many vitamins can heal your skin, increase collagen production, and repair free radical damage. Fewer wrinkles and tighter skin are something we can all jump on board with!

If chemicals are bad for your skin, they’re also bad for the Earth. Not only do you flush them down shower and sink drains while using the products, but the manufacturing of the products puts chemicals into the environment. Products with natural ingredients, on the other hand, are manufactured organically, releasing fewer chemicals into the air and water.

The chemicals in regular skin care products can cause breakouts, irritation, and redness in many people. Some people even have allergic reactions to the chemicals in conventionally produced skin care products. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are most often welcomed by your skin, working with it.

Conventionally-produced skin care products have parabens added to them to preserve their shelf life. The safety of parabens has not been fully researched, but some studies suggest a link to certain cancers. Products with natural ingredients, on the other hand, use natural preservatives that don’t harm your body.

It used to be hard to find skin care products with natural ingredients, but that isn’t the case anymore. As more and more people notice and care about the ingredients they put in their bodies, more and more companies are finding more and more ways to use natural ingredients effectively. After beating skin cancer, both Brad Zaro and his wife Debi became wary of spending time outside. Unable to find protecting products that didn’t harm the environment or their bodies, they founded Deter Outdoor Skin Protection and Kaiderma Skin Care with lines of natural repellants, sunscreens, and topical skincare therapies.

By Jayesh Radadiya

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