Moving for the First Time? No Worries, we get you!

Hey! Did you just buy a house and move there? or did you just get a job somewhere else? Are you moving for the first time and you’re scared? Don’t worry! It happens to most of us. Moving is exhausting and it can be messy also. There are many things to take care of especially when you are moving for the first time. You must not worry about all these things as we know what you are going through and here are some tips that might help you.

Find an appropriate place

Home is where you love to stay! Moving is difficult and what is the point of going through all the mess just to move to an inappropriate place where you would never like to live. It is very important to have a good place with all the amenities available near the place like shops, complexes, markets, gym, pool, etc. all according to your needs.

Plan strategically

Whenever we do anything in our life, it needs to be planned. Planning makes messy things come on a straight path and helps overlook all the differences that were there. Make a list of all the things that need to be done. All of your chores need to be planned. Start from the list of things that you require at your new house to arranging some of the basic things. The time you remember something then simultaneously add that to the list as you may forget it later.

Handle your utilities

The first thing to do when you’re shifting is to arrange your utilities in order. Check all the things that need to be recognized. Get your new address and change it on all your necessary documentation. Check your electricity, water, and gas connections and cancel them on the day you are moving. You don’t want to pay extra and unnecessary bills for the services you did not have. Get all the connections started at your new house before moving to avoid any constraints. Check the house you are moving to if it is well maintained. Repairs and maintenance need to be done before you go there otherwise it would be a hassle to do them later.

Saving is important

Getting a house means a lot of deposit money and maintenance charges including your rent. All of this becomes much when collected all together and besides this, there is the cost of buying necessary items and some emergencies. Getting all this done will give you many holes in your pocket so that’s why you must be prepared for all of this in advance. Start saving a while before you have to shift.

Furnishing the apartment

Whether you are moving in a one-room kitchen set or you are moving to a villa, you will need the essential furnishing to live. Getting furniture and appliances is a big task. You will be buying or getting something that will be almost permanent for many years in your house. Most of the furnishings need to be bought when moving for the first time as they are basic things like a bed, table, chair, almirah, fridge, kitchen essentials, etc. You might move some of your previous furniture also but do check if they are in incorrect condition to move.

Buy necessary items

Make a list of the stuff you need at your new home. Look for things that you already have and mark them. Besides those items, you will have to buy other necessary things to at least settle down there first.

Pack strategically

Packing is an art and you being the artist have to consider many things. There are multiple steps to pack strategically by yourself. Even if you are hiring a moving company, then also you will have to give an extra hand. In the end, the stuff is yours and you know well what stuff goes where during packing. If you are packing by yourself then you must consider doing all these things:


      • Gather your moving supplies – There are some packing essentials such as cartons, tape, bubble wrap, etc. You can either buy these or you may get your moving supplies from many shops at low or free of cost.

      • Start packing from room by room – Make a list of all the items you require at your new house and start packing whatever you have on the list one by one. You can start from one room to another so that you know what you have packed from where and what you haven’t.

      • Make different boxes for a different type of stuff – When you are packing different kinds of items like books, clothes, kitchen essentials, makeup, décor, etc. then you must make different boxes for each one of them as you would not want your stuff to get messed up.

      • Fill the boxes with brim or foam – When you have moved your stuff to the boxes then you must fill those boxes with bubble wraps, foam, or brim to protect your stuff, especially in the boxes that contain fragile items.

      • Packing appliances – Packing appliances might sound easy but it is not. You have to remove those and reinstall them in your new place. Different appliances will require different things and you must hire professionals to pack them as they might get damaged and it will be a huge loss of yours.

    Get a good moving company

    Packing is easy but you cannot do the loading, unloading, transport, etc. by yourself. You will require a moving company for that to easily move your home. There are many moving companies out there and you can look at those. Choose an appropriate and reliable company for you and get all the bookings done. Be sure to check about the red flags of the company as might regret later hiring them. Be sure that only professional people will be working with your staff. Check their accreditations and referrals. Go through the payment terms carefully and book a reliable company before they get sold out.

    By Jayesh Radadiya

    White Hat SEO specialist achieving Google page #1 ranking, excelling in Online Reputation Management for ethical brand visibility.

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